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Board Meetings

2023 Board Meetings

July 2023 Board Packet

September 2023 Board Packet

January board meeting – 2023

April board meeting – 2023

Board Presentations:


San Diego Blood Bank 

ABC Presentation – April 2023

March 2022 Board Meeting



BCC Strategic Plan

Composite Report

Revised BCC Strategic Plan

Legislative Goals and Objectives

Legislative Report

SB 1025 – Blood d=Donations Tax Credit

June 2022 Board Meeting

June Board Packet 

March 2021 Board Meeting

Legislative Report

Sept 2020 Board Meeting

Approved by Laws
Legislative Report

March 2020 Board meeting

Minutes 3-16

Board Minutes

Legislative Report

Sept 2019 Board Meeting

Massive Transfusion Presentation (24MB)

2019-Cold Storage PLTs

BCC Board Meeting – MTAC Update

Board Minutes 9-23-19

Legislative Report

March 2019 Board Meeting Presentations

Blood Centers Presentation 3.2019

BCC Presentation

Minutes 9-17-18

March 2018 Board Meeting Presentations

Medi-Cal Slides

Leg Committee Report

BCC Roster

BCC Meeting

BCC Board Meeting 3-12-18

BCC Activity Report EOY15

BCC Finances



Minutes 9-18-17

LMS BCC Presentation 3-12-2018

September 2017 Board Meeting Presentations

BCC By Laws
Cold Platelets BCC Kreuter
Pathogen Reducation BCC Kreuter
Donor Iron Management
Minutes 9-18-17

March 2017 Board Meeting Presentations

Holmberg’s Reflection of RAND
NAT Strategies for Reducing TTB
BCC Activity Report
BCC Checking and Savings

2016 September Board Meeting Documents

Bylaw Changes
CPA Review

September 2016 Board Meeting Presentations

The Blood Usage: past, current, and future

March 2016 Board Meeting Presentations

BloodSource Overview
EMSA Center Information
Value of blood BCC 0316
BCC Emerging Infections 0316
BCC History
Blood Bank EM Presentation

AABB 2015 Annual Meeting

Presentation by Dr. Kamel, Blood Systems

September 2015 Board Meeting

BCC ByLaws – approved 9-28-15
BCC Strategic Plan – approved 9-28-15
BCC Hot Stuff Sept 28 2015
Financial Statements
Budget vs. Actual
Presentation: Therapeutic Apheresis and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Mobilization/Collection/Transplantation
Presentation: The California Blood Bank Society Emergency Preparedness Plan
Presentation: Blood Collections and Cellular Therapies Transfusion Medicine

March 2015 Board Meeting

The Promise of Plasma – Erin Myers
The Science of Intercept – Laurence Corash, MD
Health Care Challenge – King vs Burwell

October 2014

2014 final bill folder

September 2014 Board Meeting

Blood Banks of California 9-29-14
BCC Board Meeting fall 2014_DonorHART
BCC 09292014 pdf
Sick leave Policy – AB 1522
MSM policy – Wms Institute
Informed Consent for Transfusion presentation

October 2013

2013 final bill folder

September 2013 Board Meeting

Tomasulo report on HGB and Iron
Bacterial Contamination

March 2013 Board Meeting

Age of Blood Presentation
Cellerant Presentation

Past Board Meetings

BCC Board Minutes 3-11-02

BCC Board Minutes 9-23-02

BCC Board Minutes 3-10-03

Board Minutes 9-22-03

Board Minutes 3-8-04

Board Minutes 9-27-04

Board Minutes 3-14-05

BCC Minutes 9-26-05

Board minutes 9-19-2011

Board Minutes 3-11-13

Board Minutes 3-9-15

Board Minutes 9-28-15

Board Minutes 3-13-17

Board Minutes 9-19-22

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